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We are independent and have access to the whole market

Save Money

We help businesses to ensure that they are able to get the best rates available by understand their buy to let property and representing it to the tender in the best light.

Secure a Better Deal

The Buy to Let Remortgage property market changes on a regular basis. The good news is that we have access to funders who support property owners.

Work With Experts

We are a firm of advisers based in Oxfordshire and service our clients right across the UK. Our advisers have over 30 years’ experience in the ever changing mortgage and protection market.

About Cotswold Mortgage Solutions

Here at Cotswold Mortgage Solutions we work hard to find the right mortgage for you. We aim to make the process as painless as possible. We look closely at your personal circumstances in order to match you with the most suitable mortgage from a comprehensive range of providers. We want to find the right lender that fits your requirements and rather than you going from lender to lender we do the hard work for you.

Unlike many other advisers, we have access to a wide selection of lenders who we can recommend for your needs. We therefore pride ourselves on finding the most suitable mortgage for your needs whilst keeping the experience as smooth as possible.

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3 Reasons To Work With Cotswold Mortgage Solutions

We Save You Money

By taking the time to understand our clients’ property portfolio and plans, we will research the market to find appropriate funding solutions. At Cotswold Mortgage Solutions we strive to find you the best rates.

We Save You Time

We have access to the whole funding market and are regularly speaking and completing mortgages with funders, keeping us up to date with lenders products and their application processes.

Work with Experts

Our team specialise in funding residential property. We have access to lenders who only work with intermediaries.


Absolutely exceptional experience with the whole team. Never missed out on any details and halved my stress of remortgaging whilst paying off a H2B loan. Couldn’t thank them enough. Would recommend to anyone going through a similar experience! Will definitely be using again when we need to.

Stacey Hicks

Honestly the best assistance and advice from a true professional I have ever had. Avron and his team was fantastic throughout our process. Will be recommending their service to all friends and family!

Excellent service.

The team were super useful in dealing with all of our enquiries and questions. There was great communication throughout and they were with us every step of the way, through what turned out to be a very long process of purchasing our home.

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